This policy is in reference to deletion of online account access only, not a full closure of any accounts with Central State Bank. Customers who wish to discontinue online banking can have their digital account and associated data deleted by request.

Affected Services:

  1. Online web account
  2. Central State Bank app on Android via Google Play
  3. Central State Bank app on iPhone via the Apple Store

Upon receipt of your request to delete your digital mobile app account Central State Bank will delete:

  1. Name
  2. Login
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Email Address


Q - What data is retained by Finastra, a digital banking processing provider to Central State Bank, once the user is removed per request?

A - Finastra archives user data deleted from the system to facilitate account recovery. The archived user data includes information that links the user to their bank and their personalized settings.  Archived user data cannot be used by Finastra to access financial accounts or other protected information. Finastra retains this archived data indefinitely for the duration of our business relationship, after which time it is permanently deleted.

Q – Will I still be able to access web banking once the account is removed?

A – No. This will remove account access for all digital products including mobile (Android, iPhone) and on the web.

Q – Does this impact my bank accounts at Central State Bank?

A – No. This only applies to the account(s) used to access digital products.

Q – Will I be able to start a new digital mobile account at a later date?

A – Yes. You would have to create a new username and password in order to do so.

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