A sponsorship from Central State Bank is monetary support for a community event, activity or program. Because we have an appreciation for craftsmanship and artistry, as well as ideas and collaborations that celebrate and engage the community, we are more likely to align as a sponsor with organizations whose efforts express those interests.

Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines
Central State Bank will support tax-exempt nonprofit organizations during initiatives conducted in communities where bank associates have a presence.

Central State Bank is likely to provide support to initiatives in these areas:

  • Community development and events

  • Education

  • Positive youth development

  • Economic developement

  • Human Services

  • Civic Organizations

How to Apply
We review requests for sponsorships, donations, and volunteers every week and will respond via email or phone within 30 days of your request. For your request to be considered, we ask you to submit a short – but thoughtful and complete – overview of your event, program or initiative, along with any other information that will help us better understand the request. We’ll then determine if it is aligned with the Central State Bank guidelines. 

Donation/Sponsorship Request